Ancient Technology Discovered in 2011

Antarctica UFO - TopPic

....found on Google Earth Satellite Imagery.
(not "photos" in Google Earth, actual Satellite Imagery)
No matter what it is, there was definitely ancient technology used to build it.

The Bottom Of A UFO !?

I found this in Antarctica on Google Earth in 2011 and gave it to the US Army. They mind controlled me, scrambled my brain and made me forget for several years. U.S. Patent for "Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves." I don't know what triggered my memories but one day years later I was sitting on the couch with my family and I remembered finding the thing I think is a UFO and I figured out they did something to me. From what I figure now, someone or something literally took control of me and made me do all kinds of crazy things like even threaten the US President, my guess is to make me look crazy or so that I will never enter the USA again. If that's why, it worked. Threatening the US President is an act of terrorism and Canada's National Security didn't arrest me. Maybe they are in on it and didn't want to imprison me because they knew or could tell I was mind controlled. Maybe it wasn't even Canada's National Security but the Men In Black in every day clothing, no uniforms, no badges, no guns, only a business card I misplaced over the years.

After remembering what happened, I spent what felt like hundreds of hours trying to find any photos or stories of it. I finally found this photo above, exactly what a screenshot would have looked like. I didn't take any pictures or screenshots because I was scared of the Men In Black paying me a visit. There was another picture on the page which is clearly fake so I will not post it. I don't know why someone would fake that, maybe to cause confusion and make my story seem fake too.

Within a few years after this discovery, presidents from several countries of the world and even the Pope and the Queen of England had already gone to Antarctica without any reason or explanation.

The reason I sent it straight to the US Army instead of the media, was to verify it was real. Around that time, when other Google UFO discoveries have been given to the media, they have been claimed as Google hoaxes, planted there for a joke. But this one was never a laughing matter.

I thought I was doing the right thing by giving it to the Americans because I figured they already have secret UFO bases and maybe this was the missing piece of tech they needed. My guess is it has been frozen under ice for thousands if not millions of years. It might have been easier to reverse engineer something that was much older compared to after the aliens have had that much additional advances in technology.

I discovered what I thought was one of the biggest discoveries of human history, and they mind controlled me, and completely destroyed me for several years. Now when I think of it, they must have destroyed several people and hidden several things over the millennia. That is so harsh. I wonder why they are hiding the truth. Maybe the oil companies, energy and power, religions, etc. might not even be needed. Nobody would believe in their energy bills after free energy, or believe in "Christ" and other religions that became long after this thing was built. I will probably never know for sure what I found that day.

We have trouble making small advancements in planes and rocket ships with our current knowledge, so this new American "Space Force" must not be human technology! What else could they be doing? Firing bullets up at the sky? I wonder what technology they have! And then I started thinking what technology don't they have!? With nanotechnology and 3D printing, it seems anything is possible. Shape-shifting self-replicating robots building more robots worse than the movie Terminator.

What do you think it is? A UFO? A Stargate Teleport System? haha Hitler's surprise time capsule full of nanobots or viruses? I think it is a UFO, because I doubt there were civilizations on Earth back as far as this ice is old in Antarctica, so whoever landed there probably ran out of gas or couldn't fix their ship and died freezing in the cold looking for an electronics store. They don't tell us a single true thing. Maybe they found a way to live inside or under there all along. It really does look like it melted itself out.

False Claims - The More The Merrier

After posting this website, it has come to my attention that there have been multiple false claims to this discovery, claiming they found this earlier than I found it. I think they made all these false claims to make my whole story seem fake. Take a good look at this first video after you read what I have to say about it.

This YouTube video is dated 11 years ago now in 2023, meaning it was posted in 2012, one year after I found it. But they claim it was found in 1996. They think people will believe they would just wait 15 years to make this video/claim just 1 year after I found it. I doubt they will believe that if they see this page for some reason especially with all these other false claims. This crazy video almost makes sense but listen carefully, it's BS. Yet look at it, they spent a lot of time and money making it. It also appears English is not these guys first language but they speak English in the video. It does not seem like a secret meeting being recorded, this was a huge production and if it was for such a "Top Secret" meeting, then why put it on YouTube with a minute and a half of credits at the end (after the crazy pictures)?

Orion Conspiracy

Nobody ever spent so much time & money making a big production supposed to be top secret.

When I think about it, that video was released before my memories came back to me. Other people's memories must have come back after all their mind control experiments, and that's how they knew to make this crap to cover anything right away while they mind controlled me. If my story was a hoax, I would admit I was a fool for trying to make up a story like this. But I swear on my life it is 100% true! Whoever mind controlled me, their whole lives are a hoax! I am still mind boggled as to why they would lie to the whole entire world about our true history when it looks so much cooler. Leads me right back to religion, energy and oil companies and the endless lives they destroyed and even ended keeping their secret life of lies.

Look at this bogus video on Facebook claiming a Russian found the same UFO. It even says his name, Valentin Degterev from Yekaterinburg, Russia. He manages a journal about the paranormal and unexplained as well as many similar journal like profiles. I found his Facebook and he is very big (you can see the pictures below). I figured he would be big, they would never make things easy. He also has several pictures of himself with guns, 1 automatic... and he almost looks ready to use them. I don't want to cause any trouble with him, but I am just saying I found this UFO in 2011. I messaged him on his Facebook on July 30, 2023 regarding the UFO but never received a reply yet.

Valentin Degterev

Valentin Degterev      Valentin Degterev

When I first remembered, I searched the whole internet thoroughly and there were no other claims or pictures that I could find. I started searching wordpress pages and lucked out! It is still there on a Wordpress page by a European Scientist and Bulgarian Army News Journalist named Nikolay Kotev:

Nikolay Kotev
Nikolay Kotev. Wordpress username Kotev25

Kotev25 Wordpress: "May be Truth, May be lies... (The Truth is Out There) Second part"

I tried to contact Mr. Nikolay Kotev on Facebook about the UFO but he blocked me. (August 2023)

Look at all the pictures on that page and tell me they didn't go down there for that UFO! What else can they say they went down there for? With guns out in the snow and no enemies or animal life, it doesn't seem they would need guns for anything at all. Maybe they expected alien life inside. It does look like it melted itself out before I found it. Maybe aliens were inside all along trying to get out, or maybe their robots were or are still operating the equipment inside.

Navy in Antarctica 1

Navy in Antarctica 2

Navy in Antarctica 3

I saved the entire Wordpress page in case it ever goes down.

The UFO was exactly as it appears here, but they added men and snowmobiles and a different color patch of snow. They made the man on the left with big footprints like bigfoot and his shadow points to the left while the other men have shadows pointing to the right. That is all added in after.

Faked UFO Image
Click the image above to view without type.

I didn't measure the thing because I was excited and panicking, but I think the UFO was significantly larger than this photo leads you to believe (with the men and snowmobiles added in after). I can't be positive because I did not measure, but from my memory with the mountains around the area, it seemed a lot bigger, like I would guess 5 times bigger at least. Meaning it could still be somewhere close to its original location, covered up. I understand my story is slightly unbelievable without original photo proof but at least I have this photo even though it does have fake stuff added in, it still contains the real UFO, and without it I would not have been able to make this website.

I moved the page to this website in the middle of May 2023, and on June 6, 2023, while searching for Antarctica UFO images on one of the main search engines I always use: Yahoo, Bing and Google, I noticed a large amount of new fake images of the UFO that weren't there before. I immediately updated the site noting my findings but I wished I would have saved the pictures because they all vanished and there was a lot. They looked totally bogus from all different angles including right over top. It looked like a very cheap 3D Model with a picture of the real UFO on top! They were all clearly faked but when I searched for them again, they had already disappeared by June 9, 2023. I wonder what went on there, but because of the date, I think it must have had something to do with my new website!

The Corruption

This is directed towards the Government. This is a little too crazy with those cover-ups! What the fuck is wrong with you! Do you talk to psychiatrists about this stuff?! That is very dangerous for your health if you don't! Did you tell the Canadian National Security your sick lies or do they already know the truth too? I showed them this page and I am disappointed. Real Canadians would help their own country somehow. Reveal as much of this true history as you can and how sick the US Army is! Instead, they appear to be either plain stupid, scared of the US mind control, with them for some reason, or just as dirty and don't care. Things like this should be shown to the public, so we can spend tax money on finding, preserving and showing these things in museums. Instead they used my own tax payer money to drive me crazy. I don't want to tell anyone how sick they were to me. (not jail btw) Obviously those people are so sick, if we knew the whole truth, they would all be locked in the same cages they put people in, probably lots of innocent people too, just to shut them up because they would or did try to talk. The Canadian National Security should grow balls. We could use more people talking. They do what they do and say they have to but think what people will do to them in the lake of fire! haha! Canadians are allowed to talk, this is a free country. The US Government does not own them. They know what happened! They had to come talk to me when I was controlled into doing crazy things. Here is the mind control evidence, this video talks about the wickedness of it all! Do not miss this one!!

Altering Brain Waves - Government Mind Control Patent
Watch the video! View the real US Patent!

That's what they did to me, alter memories, install new fake memories, control my thoughts, made me believe things that not even a kid would normally believe. They can completely control you 100% from outside your home. And yet they let me make this website. They must not even care about what people say about them. At the same time, I think the majority of people in the world, if shown this website would never read past the first sentance. And the rest probably already know and can't do a God damned thing about it.

Politicians, Religions, Kings and Queens, they are all thugs and crooks who run the world. Religions are supposed to share their food and knowledge with the whole entire world not hide it and lie about it by any means necessary. They even tell us they hide the real truths in thousands of books hidden to the public under their fortress of lies. To me, it honestly looks like their goal is to turn the whole world into thugs and prostitutes just like themselves. It is almost impossible for honest people to survive these days, lots of people either starve and do without necessities or turn to crime and that is the way the world works.

Antarctica UFO Alien    Antarctica Aliens

Alien Anal Probe, Government, Area 51, Antarctica, UFO, Abduction

Follow both arrows... where does that probe go first?!

Photo Enhanced Image

UFO Enhanced
Click the image above to open large photo enhanced image.

My UFO Theories

Because I have seen 7 other UFO's in my life and a crazy Foo Fighter or Ball Lightning (story below), I believe they have always been watching me and I lean to the idea their technique could me more like magic (psychokinesis) than technology (or even better a technology created by magic).

Watch these crop circles appear out of nowhere as orbs / foo fighters fly over. I wonder what these orbs or foo fighters are, literally making crop circles, wow that is freaky! I think they qualify as Foo Fighters for sure! I wonder what they really are though. They could be small drones with lights, a shape shifter, or supernatural being.

Crop Circles
Click here to watch the YouTube video above

I am not saying any of my ideas would work, they are only ideas. UFO's could be floating on a space between space, or the space between two different Universes (most people refer to this as another dimension but I do not agree that is what it should be called). There is gravity in this universe, and there is probably gravity in another parallel universe, but what gravity if any is in between? It is only a theory but could explain a lot of things like how sometimes they look transparent and on rare occasions even completely disappear.

UFO's could be creating new matter above and departiclizing matter below. Now if you see it like this, the middle would all stay the same and the outer shell would seem like it floats and flies by creating new outer shells to move itself anywhere. Sounds crazy but who knows if it ever could be done, from what I know matter is only energy, atoms, and such that could be manipulated in ways we do not understand yet. A similar method could be teleportation, constantly teleporting to a new location, meaning it could obviously fly and hover, and completely disappear like some do.

A scene from the movie 'Knowing' (2009)

A scene from the movie "Knowing" (2009)

This is just a strange idea, I am not saying this is true at all, but maybe another race of aliens was in control all along, and they mind controlled us like a game. Wouldn't that just explain how evil and sick the governments are? UFO's have been around for millennia, and can be seen in ancient stone carvings and cave paintings. Lots of civilizations in the world have a story of a turtle from the sky bringing life to Earth. A turtle is all they had back then that resembles a space saucer with legs. They wouldn't have had anything else to compare it to.

Some people including army officials from several countries around the Earth say the Aliens talked to them telepathically, warning us to stop making nuclear weapons but we didn't listen. It looks like they think we are going to kill the planet with nukes just like what happened on Mars, it is completely covered in the element left behind after nuclear explosions meaning it was completely destroyed by nuclear weapons. I wonder if those aliens really telepathically talked to people, I just don't see how aliens could even assume we would listen to them unless they came down, landed and made first contact in front of the whole world.

Thinking back about my whole life, it sure seems like the UFO in Antarctica found me! I mean something made me find it! I can't say for sure because I was mind controlled after but I think I went straight to it!

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