Foo Fighter / Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning / Foo Fighter

On February 18, 2022, I seen a ball of plasma energy about 15 inches
in diameter. I created the image above to help me describe what I seen.
It wasn't until weeks later I learned this is a phenomena called
Foo Fighters / Ball Lightning.

A sphere of purple plasma energy with a blue glow around the whole thing. Inside, plasma (red, blue, and purple) was coming out of nowhere without any noise, circling inside the sphere starting from the outside and working its way to the inside. 1 or 2 streams at a time, not 3 like in the picture above. After about 5-10 seconds, it silently exploded right in front of my face, but in 2 directions about 10 feet out on either side. If it had exploded in all directions, it could have possibly done damage to or kill me, who knows. People said this is called foo fighters or ball lightning but this did not have sound so I don't know if this technically qualifies.

My young niece was behind me and witnessed the huge flash of light but closed
her eyes because she was scared. She did not see the crazy ball lightning.

In comparison to the picture above,
the pink and red streams were darker and had more color.
I just couldn't make the picture look exactly 100% to what I seen.

A Scene From The Movie Mortal Engines (2018)

If you can't view the video, or just want to download it click here.

It wasn't as big as that and it didn't explode that far but wasn't that cool?

Before I mention the scariest part, I must say Nikola Tesla claimed he could make giant plasma ray guns to destroy enemy ships before they even came close to the American shores. Think about technology like that! Right as it exploded, I seen somewhere else in the middle, through a wormhole or something, like a vision somehow. I could see a snowy area with trees from above. As the ball lightning exploded, so did the area and all the trees with it. My family was here but didn't believe me about the vision even though they all seen the bright flash of light as it exploded. I even wrote down the time in case that really happened somewhere in the world, it was 9:38 pm here in Canada. After all of that, I believe it was aliens trying to give warning of this crazy technology. When I thought about it later, I was wondering if that really happened somewhere in the world at that exact time or if it was a vision or what... maybe there was a new weapon being tested somewhere out in the snow that day. The funny thing is, there was no foo fighters in all of recorded history until after Tesla!

Crop Circles Appear Out Of Nowhere As Orbs / Foo Fighters Fly Over

Click the video! I made it start at the right time!

The whole video is very interesting and informative. Of course some crop circles are fake, but you can usually tell the difference. I hope you watch the whole video, this team really does their research and brings top notch videos. Remember, I started the video at 8:00, so you might want to start at the beginning.

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